Multiple OpenDoc URL’s or Reports in SAP BO Web Intelligence using hyperlink

If you use hyperlink wizard to convert a URL to a dynamic hyperlink in Business Objects WEBI report then it would point you to same url (or WEBI Document) with different parameter values but you get into trouble when you want different url’s or webi reports on the same column based on some value. (i.e clicking on each link should take you to different WEBI reports or  OpenDoc URL’s)

You can achieve this by using Read more

SAP BI Action Language (BIAL) Introduction

SAP introduced new tool (SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio) for Dashboard development using SAP BW and HANA as backend. Through this tool SAP also introduces power of OO scripting (sap dashboard scripting) in Dashboards. Current version of SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius does not support any programming except excel based formulas and lookups. Design Studio scripting enable interactivity when user performs an action in the application.

SAP BIAL is a subset of ECMAScript. Read more

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Rebranding of Tools

Old Name                           New Name
Dashboard Builder              BI Workspaces
InfoView                               BI Launch Pad
Import Wizard                     Upgrade Management Tool
SAP BEx Analyzer              SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis
Voyager                               SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis
Web Intelligence                 SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
Xcelsius                              SAP Business Objects Dashboard Designer

SAP Transaction Code (TCODE) and Description (TTEXT)

Transaction Code (TCODE) Description (TTEXT)
/SAPDMC/LSMW LSM Workbench: Initial Screen
/SAPTRX/ASAPLOG Appl. system log for event handling
/SAPTRX/ASC0AO Define App. Object and Event Types
/SAPTRX/ASC0AP Define application parameters
/SAPTRX/ASC0SCU Assign Scenario to Users
/SAPTRX/ASC0SD1 Define Solution / Scenario
/SAPTRX/ASC0SD2 Define Solution / Scenario Read more