Fact table

A Fact table consists of metrics, measurements, or facts of any business process. Facts and Dimensions are at the root of data warehouse. Facts are the metrics that senior management or board members of an organization use for making business decisions. Dimensional modeling brings together the relational model Read more

Dimension Tables

A dimension tables plays a critical role in data warehousing and has strong association with facts of the business process. It consists of descriptive attributes typically text fields which describe facts but are complete and have discreet values. Facts are the metrics that business houses use for making decisions. Dimensions are generally descriptions Read more

Data Warehousing

In a nutshell, a data warehouse is a “repository for historical data, used to make decision”. Of course there’s much more to it than that.

Data warehousing is a concept. It is a set of hardware and software components that can be used to better analyze the massive amounts of data that companies are accumulating to make better business decisions. Data Warehousing is not just data in the data warehouse, but also the architecture and tools to collect, query, analyze and present information. Read more