Business Objects File Extensions

Business Objects File Extensions:

*.bqy = Business Query Files
*.key = Bomain file
*.lov = List Of Values query
*.lsi = local security information
*.prm =
*.rea = Business Objects Addins
*.rep = Business Objects Reports
*.ret = Business Objects Templates
*.rkey = BusObj remote key (ZABO)
*.rss =
*.sbo =
*.spt = script
*.ssi = (correlary of .lsi security file, but in Shared installation folder, when so installed)
*.tkt = Business Tracker (the Tracing facility that comes with Full Client)
*.udo = user defined objects (Business Objects Reporter)
*.unv = Business Ojbects Universe
*.wid = Webi 6.x document
*.wqy = Webi 2.x document


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