Multiple OpenDoc URL’s or Reports in SAP BO Web Intelligence using hyperlink

If you use hyperlink wizard to convert a URL to a dynamic hyperlink in Business Objects WEBI report then it would point you to same url (or WEBI Document) with different parameter values but you get into trouble when you want different url’s or webi reports on the same column based on some value. (i.e clicking on each link should take you to different WEBI reports or  OpenDoc URL’s)

You can achieve this by using Read more

SAP Dashboards (Xcelsius) Query Browser limitations

Introduction: Query browser is a brand new addin in SAP Business Objects 4.0. Before dashboards 4.0 when you want to source the dashboards with corporate data, you would use QAAWS/live office (query as a web service). From 4.0 onwards SAP has given a provision to connect to the universes directly using query browser. That’s only one side of the enhancement. The other side being that you can connect to a BEx query directly from the query browser. This has replaced the need for using the SAP Netweaver BW connection.

Advantages of using Query Browser: Before looking at the limitations of this topic, let’s look at the advantages of using the Query browser. SAP is promoting the query browser big time. Let’s look at why Read more

Passing parameters between SAP XCelsius dashboards

How to pass BEx variable (Parameters) values to an SAP Xcelsius dashboard

Use Case: You have a parent dashboard, and a child dashboard. Now you want to pass parameters from parent to child.

Background:Traditionally dashboards(xcelsius) are able to embed opendoc url’s within them and invoke webi reports along with passing parameters. This works like charm with the url component invoking these links. But when it comes to invoking the dashboards,  there are a few extra steps we need to include(in the parent) to achieve the same.

What you need to have in parent and child SAP dashboards:

  1. Parent dashboard: A URL link with all the syntax to pass the parameters to the child
  2. Child dashboard:Flash variables configured to receive the parameters from the parent dashboard and also refresh the queries in the child dashboard.

How you do it? Follow the below steps Read more

SAP Dashboard Query Browser Alternative – BIWS

If you need alternatives to query browser in SAP Dashboards, Consider BIWS (SAP Business Intelligence web services)

Background: Your company has invested millions of dollars and purchased the BI 4.0 suite for reporting and dashboarding.

Problem: You are trying to build a dashboard in the traditional way and now you cannot map Bex variables to excel spreadsheet.

unable to map bex var to excel

What does that mean to a dashboard design? SAP has restricted its customers from mapping the variables from BEx to excel spreadsheet. That means the only we can refresh a query is to use the “Query Prompt selector“. The query prompt selector itself works fine but its always a combo box for selection from user. If the user wants to click on the chart and refresh a query then its not possible. That is when you need to map the variables to the excel spreadsheet.

What can be done? Read more

SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.0 Rebranding of Tools

Old Name                           New Name
Dashboard Builder              BI Workspaces
InfoView                               BI Launch Pad
Import Wizard                     Upgrade Management Tool
SAP BEx Analyzer              SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis
Voyager                               SAP Business Objects Advanced Analysis
Web Intelligence                 SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence
Xcelsius                              SAP Business Objects Dashboard Designer

Security Profiles in Business Objects – Information Design Tool

A group of security settings can be applied using Security Editor to a universe (.unx) which is published in the repository. Profiles are stored independently in repository from the universe and they are deleted when the universe is deleted.

There are two types of security profiles in SAP Business Objects Information Design Tool 4.x:
1. Data security and
2. Business security Read more

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