Compatible and Incompatible objects in Business Objects

In Web Intelligence or Desktop Reporting client sometimes it is not possible to use certain combinations of objects in data providers. These objects are called incompatible objects.
For example, Let’s say you have two contexts in your universe. Sales and Revenue and if you are trying to pull < Reservation Year > and < Revenue > objects from univese then you should not because they are incompatible as no revenue associated with a reservation. Revenue is generated only when the customer is invoiced.

In Reports:
When you have multiple data provider and you are trying to pull the objects from each provider you’ll see few or more objects are grayed. Those are called as incompatible objects. In order to select those you need to link object(s) from data provider and you might also have to convert Dimension objects into Detail object in order to use in same table.

Web Intelligence does not allow you to place incompatible objects in the same block by dragging and dropping.

In universe:
Let’s say you have 2 contexts in your universe. Now, while creating report you are trying to take the objects from both the contexts in the result pane, Incompatibility error will be shown. Business Objects doesn’t know which query to put this object into.

In short :
a. Information Designer Tool objects will be incompatible if they are in different contexts.
b. In Web Intelligence, objects will be incompatible if multiple data providers are used and they are not linked through common object(s).

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