Database Tables for CO-PA Transaction Data

Profitability Analysis (CO-PA)
It provides two forms of analysis. Costing based and Accont based and you can use both of these types simultaneously.

Operating Concern : It’s a multidimentional data structure for Profitability Analysis (product group, customer and region)

Lets see how data is stored in CO-PA

CO-PA has four(4) tables
CE4xxxx (located at a higher level)
CE3xxxx (between the segment table [CE4xxxx] and the line items[CE1xxxx])
CE1xxxx (contains all the data at the most detailed level)

where xxx = operatin concern

Let’s take a scenario where we post couple of invoices for our customer.

Customer Number = 100

First posting periods occurs in Jan (001)
$100 for product PR01
$200 for product PR02

Second posting period occurs in march (003)
$300 for product PR01
$400 for product PR03

This how data will be stored in CE tales

Customer Product
100 PR01
100 PR02

Date Document Item Customer Product Revenue
001.2012 005 001 100 PR01 100
001.2012 006 001 100 PR02 200
003.2012 007 001 100 PR01 300
003.2012 008 001 100 PR03 400

Image source : TZHANA Course document (from SAP)

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