Error: 401 Unauthorized or Unauthorized

Error:   401 Unauthorized or Unauthorized”

If during the BO XI 3.1 you get above message than simply check the ports which are in use in this case port 8080

Note: if you did not check the ports are in use and continue to complete the the installation. The installation will complete successfully but you will not able to use the BO enterprise javainfoview. And will get dialogue box appeared to enter user name and password which will not work and display the error message” 401 Unauthorized or



Run > cmd > C:\>netstat -aon | find “8080”

TCP               LISTENING       1992

TCP               LISTENING       3260

Open Task Manager > Click on View > Select Column > PID (Process Identifier >click Ok.

TCP               LISTENING       1992

Kill the appropriate process and try open the javainfoview.  The page will successfully open.


In windows you can use the command exp: taskkill /PID 828 ‘ to kill the appropriate process

– Courtesy : Owais Agha

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