How to Implement Row-Level Security in SAP Business Objects

What is Row-Level Security?

You can restrict user from retrieving data from database based on some column or combination of cloumns is called row level security in Business Objects.

It can be implemented in SAP Business Objects in several possible ways.

– BusinessObjects Supervisor (Older Versions)
– using Database
– using Designer
use @Variable(‘BOUSER’)* in where condition area of a Object Definition.
Ex: Employee.EmployeeId=@Variable(‘BOUSER’) or
Resort.country_id in ( select countryid from saleslookup where BO_USER= @variable(‘BOUSER’) )

Manage Access Restrictions : Tools->Manage Security->Manage Access Restrictions-> Create Restriction.
Now, In Row tab–>Assign this restriction to a Group/User.

– In Object Properties–>Advanced tab–>Set the Security Access level to Private/Confidential/Restricted/Controlled/Public.

* @Variable(‘BOUSER’) : It returns InfoView user name who is running the query.

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