Joins in SAP Business Objects

Equi Join: It links two tables on common values.
Ex:  Tab.columnID = Tab.columnDI
Usually primary key & foreign key is used in the joins [More…]

Outer Join: It is very similar to Equi Join except it return all values, even if they are unmatched. You can have Left Outer Join and Right Outer Join. In left outer join you’ll have all the values from left table and matching values from right table. In right outer join, you’ll have all the values from right table and matching values from left table.

Theta Join: A Theta join contains an expression that is based on something other than equality: Mostly you user between Operator for this join. A theta join could use any operator other than the “equal” operator.

Ex: Table A

Table B
Highest Salary
Lowest Salary

You need Theta join for this type of condition.

Shortcut join: It provides an alternate path represented by dotted line between two tables. It you have 3 tables A,B and C. If A is linked with B and B is linked with C. You need values from A and C, Then apply theta join between A and C on common column. While gerenrating SQL Business Objects will ignore Table B, hence improve in performance.

Self restricting join: It puts some restriction on a table. It’s not a real join. It can use to return values based on some fix value. Ex: ID = 10

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