Linked Universes in Business Objects Universe Designer

You can link one or more universes which share common components such as objects, classes, joins and parameters. The univers which you link become core universe and the universe which contains a link to core universe is called derived universe. Any change made in core universe automatically propogated to the derived universe(s).

There are different ways you can link universes.
– Kernel approach
– Master approach
– Component approach

You can also combine or or more approaches together.

There are few requirements and restriction when linking universes.


– Core and derived universes must be in same repository
– The Core universe was exported and re-imported at least once.
– You are authorized to link the given universe.
– Exported derived universes shoule be in same domain as core universe.


– You cannot link to a universe that uses stored procedures.
– Only one level of linking is available. ex: You cannot link to derived universe.
– Two universe stucture must allow joins to be created between a table in one univers to the table in the other universe.
– Context must be re-detected in derived universe.
– Only classes, objects and table schema of core universe is available in derived universe.
– LOV’s of core universes are not saved when you export derived universe with core universe structure.

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