New Features in Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0

New Business Objects 4.0 WEBI Features

– WEBI Interface has been redesigned

– You can copy variables, table and charts from one WEBI document into another

– Default reporting style provides additional control over formatting. Now it is stored as CSS document (WebiDefaultStyleSheet.css)

– Three new data sources have been added
1. SAP InfoCubes using BEx queries
2. SAP BusinessObjects Analysis worksapces
3. New Universes (Information design tool – UNX format)

– New personal and custom data provider features are also included

– Formula Language Containes new function.

– New charting features are also introduced.

– It enables you to build queries and do analysis on hierarchical data.

– Drill down, Drill up, collapse, expand on charts

– Prompt on hierarchy

– Input controls with hierarchies

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