Passing parameters between SAP XCelsius dashboards

How to pass BEx variable (Parameters) values to an SAP Xcelsius dashboard

Use Case: You have a parent dashboard, and a child dashboard. Now you want to pass parameters from parent to child.

Background:Traditionally dashboards(xcelsius) are able to embed opendoc url’s within them and invoke webi reports along with passing parameters. This works like charm with the url component invoking these links. But when it comes to invoking the dashboards,  there are a few extra steps we need to include(in the parent) to achieve the same.

What you need to have in parent and child SAP dashboards:

  1. Parent dashboard: A URL link with all the syntax to pass the parameters to the child
  2. Child dashboard:Flash variables configured to receive the parameters from the parent dashboard and also refresh the queries in the child dashboard.

How you do it? Follow the below steps

Step 1:Create a parent dashboard. In this example i have created a simple vertical column chart with reporting area details. the parent dashboard itself doesnot have any parametrs. The parent dashboard is built from a Bex query.

parent dashboard

Now that we are using the bex, we need to pass the key value to the variables/parameters(in the child). Thats the reason i have pulled the key value in the dashboard for the reporting area.

Step 2: Map the key values to the excel spread sheet.Configure the insertion for the chart by selecting the key values as “ROW”. And the source being the key valules.

 configure the row insertion

Step 3:Save the parent dashboard to BI launch pad and create a child dashboard to consume the input from the parent dashboard. Use BIWS for the child dashboard as it needs to consume the variables from the parent dashboard.


 configure the Child dashboard

 In the above figure, cell C3 is the place holder for the input Reporting area.

Step 4: Create a flash variable and assign it to the same cell C3. Because we will be passing values from parent to child dashboard referencing this variable.

Map the flash variable

Step 5: Configure the data connection to refresh on open and trigger by the same cell C3.

configure the data connection

Step 6: FInish the child dashboard build. Save it to BI launch pad

finish the child dashboard

Step 7: Now open the parent dashboard and configure the link to jump to the child dashboard.

this is how the link should look like


to this append the variable from parent dashboard.

configure the link to jump

this is the final link



For linking multiple parameters you just append them with an “&”

 Step 8: Assign the link created to a url button in the dashboard. and trigger the url based on the chart output. save the dashboard to the platform.

assign link to url button

trigger the url based on the chart output 
In this example i have triggered the url whenever the chart output has changed. you can configure the url based on the requirement.

In summary this is what we have done in the above steps

  1. Create a chart in the parent dashboard which can insert rows of data in the excel sheet.
  2. Create a opendoc link to the child dashboard with parameter links from the parent (ex: &lsSRA=)
  3. configure the child dashboard with flash variables(RA) and refresh the query with the change of value from the same.

Step 9: Run the dashboard and see the results

mALAYSI angola


  1. The process described above is not the only method of connecting the dashboard but the easiest.
  2. For passing multiple parameters send from the source a string like this: A1&”;”&A2&”;”A3 and so on.
  3. Make sure to use the relative link in for URL to simplifly the migration process.
  4. Parameters can be passed to Bex variables too. but make sure you pass the key values to the variables.

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