Relational connection to SAP HANA – Information design tool

In order to connect to SAP HANA database BI provides 2 types of connection drivers (ODBC and JDBC). You must first create relational connection using one of the driver. Once the connection is created and tested then you can use it to build the data foundation for your universe.

Also, make sure to increase array fetch size (default is 10) to maximum of 1000 for better performance. Higher values run faster queries though it requires more memory. If you connecting to SAP HANA it’s expected that your server wil have enough memory power. Now, after configuring connection you are all set to publish connection.

The following parameters apply to most relational connections

Relational connections fall into one of three types, listed below.
• SAP NetWeaver BW relational databases
• SAS relational databases
• Other relational databases

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