Rolling 6 (SIX) Months in SAP Business Object IDT Universe

If I select “Jan 2015” then rolling 6 month for

Current Month would be – Jul 2014 -Dec 2014 and
Previous Year                 – Jul 2013 – Dec 2013

If SAP HANA is a source then use below formula

“_SYS_BIC”.”./AN_XXXXX”.”DATETIMESTAMP” < add_months(current_timestamp,-1) and “_SYS_BIC”.”./AN_XXXXX”.”DATETIMESTAMP” >= add_months(current_timestamp,-13)

In order to implement above logic we also need to create an object by contacting the month and year like CONCAT([month]/”01″/[year]])

You can also try :

@select(<date object>) BETWEEN trunc(sysdate,’dd’)-365 AND trunc(sysdate)-(1/(60*60*24))

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