SAP BI Action Language (BIAL) Introduction

SAP introduced new tool (SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio) for Dashboard development using SAP BW and HANA as backend. Through this tool SAP also introduces power of OO scripting (sap dashboard scripting) in Dashboards. Current version of SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius does not support any programming except excel based formulas and lookups. Design Studio scripting enable interactivity when user performs an action in the application.

SAP BIAL is a subset of ECMAScript.  It is executed on AA Design Service not on the web browser. It’s very similar to any other OO programming which consist of Objects, methods and properties which are executed based on the events. Each object has its own set of events. Events on components are only executed when user interacts.

SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio currently supports

call statements

< ComponentVariable > .< method >(< arguments > );

< ComponentVariable > . < function >(< arguments >);


conditional statements.

(< condition >)

sequence of statements


sequence of statements


Also, each statement ends with a semicolon (“;”).

On Click and On Select are the most common event handler used in SAP Design Studio v1.0

You use script editor for writing script statements but you must add components to your application in order to use them in script editor..