SAP BW – SAP Business Information Warehouse Introduction

SAP BW stands for Business warehouse (Data warehouse on SAP). The Business Information Warehouse (BW) is SAP’s architectural solution for data warehousing. It is a separate system from SAP transaction processing. No data is generated in SAP BW. It takes care of ETL and reporting both.

SAP BW History:

BIW 2.0.
( Oct-1998 )
SAP introduced this version to few of their early customers. It was called as Business Information warehouse. (As of today SAP does not provide any Support for this version)

Name Change, BIW to BW

SAP BW 3.1 – 3.5
(Nov-2002 – Apr-2004)
They removed the term “Information” from SAP BW 3.5 version and renamed the product as “Business warehouse”.

Name Change, BW to BI

SAP BI 7.0
In 2008, after purchasing Business Objects reporting software SAP used the term “Business Intelligence” to refer
– SAP BusinessObjects BI solutions and also
– SAP NetWeaver BI.

Lot of people got confused with the name hence the term Business Intelligence is now associated only with the solutions from the SAP Business Objects portfolio.

Latest version
SAP BW 7.3 SP5 : Hana Enabled (Implement SAP BW on top of HANA database.)

SAP BW – Data Warehouse features:

1. Analytical Reporting
2. Reduce burden on OLTP
3. Historical Reporting
4. Centralized repository for all your reporting need
5. Efficient query processing (Improves query processing time as it no longer uses OLTP)
6. Independence from IT
For simple to mid-complex report, user can build report by drag and drop technology. They don’t have to rely on technical person. It saves lot of time and money plus documentations too i.e no (business requirement, functional document, technical document, quality, integration testing)
7. Business Content >>> SAP BW
Pre delivered content from SAP.
It helps implementation in short duration with less resource

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