SAP Design Studio- cannot view any data sources

When you try to create 1st application in SAP Design Studio you also need Data Source Connection. If you don’t have default SAP BW and you are trying to find other connection (ex: SAP HANA) then first you’ll need to add ODBC connection for HANA.

Here are the steps:

1. Open Design Studio

2. Click on Tools -> Preferences

3. Click on ODBD icon.

4. Add User Data Source by clicking Add button.
odbc data source admin

5. Use HDBODBC Driver to add HANA connection
If you don’t find HDNODBC32 then Install HANA Studio Client and then Go to Control Panel -> Data sources (ODBC). You should be able to see the driver here.

6. Use server or ip address and port should be 30015

7. Come back to Preferences page and click on Reload All Connections Button.

8. You should be able to see your new HANA Connection.