SAP HANA Studio-Overview

SAP HANA studio is the interface between HANA database and reporting layer. It is the area where we degin our muti dimentional models (ex: based on start schema – where we have fact table and dimention tables).

SAP HANA studio consists of several applications. It is also called as Perspectives (It means to see from different angle).
Currently we have four perspectives

– Administration Console

This Perspectives allows you to administer and monitor the database. It includes database status information. You can check system overview, check server(s), distributed systems, services, diagnose files, log size, volume size, performance, multiple alerts etc. You can also create users, roles and assign privileges to roles. Most of these functions are done by SAP BASIS person.

– Information Modeler

It is is used for modeling data. It allows users to create new or modify existing models of data. You can create different types of
models ( ex: Attribute views, Analytic views and Calculation views). Data can be transaction data, master data or any other data. Now, the question is why we call Information model not data model because the data has been transformed, has been varified, has been validated and crossed checked with business rules that’s why it is called information model instead of data model.

All databases are listed in the Navigator tab on the left hand side of the Perspective.

– LifeCycle Management and

This Perspectives is for used for Future releases and upgrades It provides an automated SAP HANA update using the SAP Software Update Manager.

– Documentation Overview for SAP – High-Performance Analytic Appliance (HANA).

You can also switch to different Perspectives very easily.

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