Passing parameters between SAP XCelsius dashboards

How to pass BEx variable (Parameters) values to an SAP Xcelsius dashboard

Use Case: You have a parent dashboard, and a child dashboard. Now you want to pass parameters from parent to child.

Background:Traditionally dashboards(xcelsius) are able to embed opendoc url’s within them and invoke webi reports along with passing parameters. This works like charm with the url component invoking these links. But when it comes to invoking the dashboards,  there are a few extra steps we need to include(in the parent) to achieve the same.

What you need to have in parent and child SAP dashboards:

  1. Parent dashboard: A URL link with all the syntax to pass the parameters to the child
  2. Child dashboard:Flash variables configured to receive the parameters from the parent dashboard and also refresh the queries in the child dashboard.

How you do it? Follow the below steps Read more

SAP BI Action Language (BIAL) Introduction

SAP introduced new tool (SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio) for Dashboard development using SAP BW and HANA as backend. Through this tool SAP also introduces power of OO scripting (sap dashboard scripting) in Dashboards. Current version of SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius does not support any programming except excel based formulas and lookups. Design Studio scripting enable interactivity when user performs an action in the application.

SAP BIAL is a subset of ECMAScript. Read more